Friday, September 18, 2020

25 Ways to Move More During Summer

With the onset of summer and warmer weather, there are plenty of “out of the box” ways to get exercise, #movemore and be more physically active without hitting the gym.

The benefits of an active lifestyle are too numerous to count. But maybe you’re tired of the same workout routine or need a way to get motivated after an inactive start to the year. Whether you’ve been on the treadmill all winter long, or hibernating like a bear to avoid the cold, here are 25 ways get moving while the weather is warm.

David Justin Urbas

1. Gardening

If your backyard is starting to look like a jungle, transforming it into a serene garden paradise could be a boost for your body and your mind. Hauling bags of topsoil will feel like a trip to the gym while letting you enjoy the fresh air.


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